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Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses

August is Black Business Month, and for those who don’t know, it was created in 2004 by John William Templeton and Frederick E. Jordan Sr. to bring attention to the needs of more than two million Black-owned businesses operating across America. As a proud black and women-owned business, we are committed to our customers and community and embrace a circular economy empowered by transparency, diversity, and inclusion. Even though August is coming to an end, there is so much you can do to continue celebrating black-owned businesses.

Better Together

We are “Better Together” when we accept, include, and value all people. That Rub is committed to promoting racial equality through employment, company volunteering, sponsorships, and donations.

What Can You Do to Celebrate Black Businesses?

  • The best way to celebrate is to buy services and products from black-owned businesses

  • Promote black-owned businesses on social media

  • Write and post reviews on black-owned businesses

Where Can I Find Black-Owned Businesses?

Support Black Owned (SBO) is a free black-owned business Directory and Black blog filled with thousands of Black, Moorish, and African American-owned businesses.

Google for Small Business allows you to search, shop, and support Black-owned businesses.

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