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Busiest Time of Year!

I don't know about you, but for our family, May/June is the busiest time of year! We have 3 birthdays and 2 anniversaries in our immediate family, plus Mother's Day, and this year, an 8th grade graduation for my daughter! Add High School baseball to the mix, and it makes for a super hectic but fun time of year.

Below is a pic of our whole family celebrating Mass for my parent's 45th wedding anniversary. We are blessed to have their love in our lives!

On top of that, we added a getaway for just Tony & I to Riviera Maya, Mexico, for 5 days. What a lovely time of rest and relaxation before our busy summer season for That Rub!

Now that our daughter has graduated, our son is done with school for the year, and our trip is over, we are ready for an AMAZING SUMMER! We are excited about the upcoming holidays...Memorial Day & Father's Day, as both are known as grilling holidays, and we KNOW many of you that will be using That Rub! If you need to restock, now is the time! Father's Day will have a special promotion, as it's our biggest holiday for the business, second only to Christmas. What better gift than a local handmade variety pack for a father in your life? We are stocked and ready and can't wait to hear from you!

In closing, we want to shout out both of our dads and tell them HAPPY FATHERS DAY publicly. We love you both so much and are thankful for you and what you have done in our lives. Have a wonderful June!

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