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Come Join Us for a Night Out!

That Rub has ventured into a new way of sharing our love for delicious flavor through cooking classes! Starting in mid-July, we began running these classes in an amazing state-of-the-art facility in Itasca, IL. Coming very soon, we will offer an interactive virtual cooking class option, so ALL of our customers can attend!

We started with a class called "Fun with Fajitas," and the students prepared 4 different meats seasoned with different That Rub blends for fajitas. We also sautéed onions and peppers and had other toppings available like cilantro, onion, cheese, guacamole, and chipotle slaw. We SOLD OUT all 4 classes with this theme and decided on 2 more menus, which will be running in August. The first is "Alfredo Made Easy," where we will make a 3-course meal featuring a salad with dressing you make, Chicken Alfredo, seasoned with your choice of That Rub and homemade alfredo sauce, and a special dessert. (The dessert may or may not include That Rub, lol!) The other menu is a specialty for Tony, "Southern Comfort Food." It will feature traditional southern items such as mac n' cheese, green beans, homemade potato salad, and a protein made "Southern-style."

We hope that you join us for a class, and bring friends! They are so much fun and something different to do. The in-person classes are BYOB and last 2 hours total. You get to enjoy eating everything you make as well. For the virtual option, you will receive an ingredient list a week prior to the class so that you can purchase the items prior to class time and make it along with us! The link to buy tickets is

In our spare time, we have a brand new seasoning blend to release, our SALT-FREE blend. This blend has no salt or salt substitutes and also no onion for those who are allergic or avoid onions. It is also sugar-free. We sent out about 12 samples in June for our customers who use salt-free seasoning to taste and give feedback, and the response was overwhelmingly good! Here are some of the comments we received:

  • We tried the Salt-Free seasonings blend on our pork and asparagus, and WOW, it was delicious!! I thought we would miss “salt“ more, but the seasoning blend that you created was perfect! This is a GREAT and HEALTHY alternative for me being 36 weeks pregnant and for my toddler!

  • I use very little if any salt when I cook. This was delicious. Much better than Mrs. Dash, which can be a bit overboard if too much is added. Because it wasn’t too spicy, my husband liked it too. I used it on Round roast and did it in my pressure cooker. The carrots and onions carried a lot of the flavor of the rub. I think this would be equally good on pork or chicken, and cannot wait until it's available for sale!

Salt-Free will be available online for purchase beginning August 1, and we hope you try it! It comes in a 3.5 oz. jar for $10.

Between a busy summer of weekend events, a new blend, and this new endeavor, we have been swamped. But, it is a fun time of growth, and we are so thankful for your support.

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