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Diversity is Beautiful AND Important in Life

This is (part) of OUR family. Beautiful, diverse, and loving. Over the last year, Tony and I have been on a journey to determine our Life Plan and calling according to God, and realized quickly that for both of us, DIVERSE relationships are a big part of what has allowed us to grow the most, and have the greatest joy! We are passionate about advocating for racial and social justice, and are raising our kids to be activists, just like us.

We believe that change starts with conversations and relationships. When you are intentional about having conversations and relationships with people who don't look like you or live like you, there is so much opportunity to learn, grow, and understand each other. Your life is enriched with new perspectives that you wouldn't have been exposed to without diversity.

We have decided to co-brand That Rub with our 13 year old daughter's art, which she has created and hand drawn all herself, and entitled her merchandise "Unified Diversity Designs." You can now find her first 3 designs (all t-shirts) on our website for order. We encourage you to check them out and place an order! (She earns a set amount per shirt sold for her designs.)

Bottom line is this: we want to make a DIFFERENCE, while selling amazing seasonings that enhance your food, and merchandise that enhances your wardrobe. We will be continuing to share more about racial injustice and opportunities to get involves and take action. God has found a way to combine these callings, and we're excited about it!

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