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Exciting News!!

July continues our busy summer season, and we are so thankful for your support as customers and followers of That Rub! We continue to increase our sales month over month and have had some amazing opportunities present themselves over the last month. (I'll get to that news shortly!)

We continue to have regular vendor and market events, so please check your email for our newsletter to get details of the dates/times...we may be very close to you soon! I find the outdoor events are a great way to safely hang out with friends and enjoy being back together in groups. We have also added 2 new retail locations that carry our product, Goebbert's Farm & Garden Center in South Barrington and Manhattan Crafts in Manhattan, IL.

We look forward to launching a new blend soon and have sent out samples to over 10 customers to taste test and provide feedback so that we can make any final adjustments. It is a salt-free blend and purposely made with ZERO salts and no salt substitutes! So if you or someone you love is on a low sodium diet, this will be a great option.

Speaking of taste testing, that brings me to our exciting news! We are so happy to announce that we will be hosting some COOKING CLASS events in July and August. They will be held in a professional kitchen facility in Itasca and will include a 2.5-hour class, where you can eat the food you prepare at the end! The class will include 4 different That Rub seasonings, so it's an opportunity to get out for a date night, or gather some friends for a fun evening out, try any of our blends you haven't tried yet, plus get ideas of how to use the ones you love! Keep your eyes out on our social media for links to purchase your tickets, as I know these will sell out QUICK!

We look forward to a great July and are excited to continue this journey. Thanks as always for your support!

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