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Family & Food

So many memories in life are around a dinner table, or standing in a kitchen. Food unites people, especially families. I grew up in Roselle, a Northwest suburb of Chicago, which is where we live now, (in the house I actually grew up in!) and Tony grew up in Nashville, where all of his family from both sides lived and were from. VERY different cultures in every aspect: urban/suburban, south/north, black/white; however we both know that food brought our friends and families together often.

When we started dating in 1999, I didn't know much about cooking at all. Our family had mostly staples (spaghetti, meatloaf, tacos, hot dogs, etc) for dinner most nights, and I knew a few family recipes for holiday gatherings, etc. I think the first time I cooked for Tony, I made frozen chicken tenders and Kraft macaroni & cheese. Inside, he about DIED...because his family cooks EVERYTHING from scratch...there was no boxed mac & cheese! He also had been working in restaurants since the age of 15; and was a great cook. I, on the other hand, literally didn't know that fried chicken could be made at home...I just thought you went to KFC if to buy it! #dontjudgeme

His goal from that point on was to teach me, little by little, how to cook. We have spent the last 20 years doing a LOT of cooking together, and I'm proud to say that I now THROW DOWN in the kitchen! (This is according to Tony and his family, not me. I'm humble.) :) Some of my specialties are homemade potato salad, baked beans, salmon, and chili. I have started to be creative when cooking instead of just following directions (both written or verbal). We teach both of our kids to do the same, and our teenage son cooks a gourmet breakfast (brunch) for himself almost daily lol!

Tony's cooking has slowed down quite a bit, but he has found a love for smoking meat, which encouraged his gift of creating spice blends. All varities of That Rub are AMAZING on smoked meats, but also can be used with any cooking style: baking, saute, grilling, air frying, etc.

Our hope and goal is that our products bring you together with family and friends (yes, even during this pandemic...just social distance responsibly) to enjoy great food and even better conversation. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your meals together. <3

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