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Spring has Sprung!

Although there are still some chilly & dreary days on our calendar, the official start of spring is here, and we've gotten a bit of a taste of warmer weather and sunshine, which I'm SO thankful for! It truly does make a difference in my mental health and mood. Just being able to be outdoors with nature is a healing thing. I enjoy it even more if it's in my backyard with family and food!

We were able to grill for the first time this season in mid-March, and it felt GLORIOUS! Believe me; we were ready! I decided to grill wings, and our son Arahn seasoned the wings with That Rub- Original and breadcrumbs and cut the veggies up for me, and our daughter made baked potatoes inside. Tony built a new fire pit in our backyard and worked on our garden beds and turning compost. About an hour later, we all enjoyed it!

In process:

Finished product!

One of the things we love to do as a family is cycling. This is a new thing for us, as we just invested in good bicycles last year and became addicted. It's one of the things I miss most during winter, and I was also able to get my first bike ride in! It was refreshing and a great start to spring as well.

Starting this month, we will be participating in a lot more outdoor events, which are listed in our newsletter. Please try to come out and see us...we would love to say hello! If not, you can always order on our website or check out our home page to see all of the retailers who carry That Rub. That list is ALWAYS growing. ;) It's time to stock up for spring and summer, and we are here to help make your food more delicious. Thanks as always for your support!

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