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Steak & Veggie Keto Wraps


6 oz. steak (any cut you prefer...we used bottom round) 1 Tbsp. That Rub - Keto Blend 1/2 cucumber, julienned 1/2 cup mixed baby sweet peppers, julienned 1 onion, julienned 1 cup baby spinach, chopped 3 leaves romaine lettuce 1 tomato, quartered 2 oz. crumbled cheese (whatever you prefer, we used feta)

**Julienning is a cut in which the food item is cut into long thin strips, similar to matchsticks.**

1. Sauté peppers until they begin to soften, add onion. Cook onion until translucent. Add spinach & cucumbers for about 1 min. Add a sprinkle of Keto Blend to veggie mixture to season. 2. Cut steak into thin pieces/strips, similar to fajita meat. Rub remaining Keto Blend into meat, until covered completely. Sauté on high heat until cooked to your liking. 3. Lay out 3 lettuce leaves, and top with sautéed veggies, steak, and cheese and tomato.

Enjoy this delicious and low carb meal!

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