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Meet our Chicago family. I must specify, because the other half of our family is our Nashville family, and they are amazing as well. We are loud, silly, different, and FUN. I decided to focus this month's blog on the strength of family, as ours has literally been crucial to our business' success. On the right are my parents. They believe in us, and support us in all we do. They help with the kids and are always willing to do whatever it takes to help us. Our family is next, and I must point out that both of our kids are now working for That Rub, helping with events and design. Our son is now 15 and getting his food handler's license so that he can help us in the kitchen. In the middle is my sister, Meredith and her boyfriend Brandon. They have cheered us on since before we made That Rub a business. Both of them believe that our product is going to be extremely successful, and they're a big part of the reason we took the jump to make it an official business last summer. Next is Tony's sister and family. When I tell y'all that they are our biggest fans, I can't even explain. Niecie uses our Original blend on EVERYTHING and has helped Tony finalize some of his recipes before launch. They also help with giving the kids rides as needed if we're doing an event or if we are at the kitchen. Finally, on the far left is my sister Jill and her husband, Kishor. (Snoop, the Yorkie, is theirs too!) While they are the only ones that live out of state (they were visiting from MI) they still give us so much assistance. Jill is an natural encourager, and is always checking in on how business is going, as well as giving ideas. She is also a business owner, so we try to help each other with resources and so much more. Kishor is a videographer. He shot our launch video for us, which was AMAZING, and got us tons of exposure! Krishor is always supporting us on our social media by liking and sharing posts.

The bottom line? We could not do this without them. What you see on the outside is just a small piece of what it takes to run That Rub. Tony still works a full-time job, and we spend time in the commercial kitchen producing our product weekly during his off time. In addition to that, weekend events help us with exposure and sales; and all of this takes a support system to balance it all. I'm so thankful that we have a strong one! It helps that all of our family loves our product as well, and are always talking us up to their friends and coworkers.

When you purchase our product, you are supporting our family and our dream, and we are so thankful for you! I love knowing the behind-the-scenes stories of other people and companies, so I thought I would dedicate this month's blog to sharing ours! I hope you enjoyed.

Now, what I didn't share in the first pic is the benefit of being part of our family gatherings....LOTS of food, all seasoned with our DELICIOUS That Rub products! ;)

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