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Transition to Fall Season

Throughout this crazy year, most of us have tried our best to stay positive and find the good amid all the chaos. For our family, That Rub has been one of the biggest positives of our year. We started the company during the quarantine in May, and the timing was great, as most people were working from home and cooking at home; plus, the weather was getting warm, and many love to grill and smoke meat during the summer months. We focused on these positives throughout the summer and have had great success with selling That Rub. Thank you for your support!

In July, we received approval from the IDPH (IL Dept of Public Health) to sell our product in retail stores and started approaching local stores to offer our product as an addition to their inventory. We had four stores immediately show interest. We now have local partners Prospect Street Market, Annie Occasion, Len's Ace Hardware, and Prestige Creative Market carrying That Rub! If you have a connection at a store (anywhere in the US) where our product would be a great fit, please contact us at We would love to expand our retail presence outside of the Chicagoland area.

Another area of focus has been outdoor markets, which seem to be popular during the pandemic, as people are looking for a way to get outdoors and safely shop, with social distancing and mask rules in place. We started in July and have had events almost every weekend since then! They have been an incredible time of exposure, as well as GREAT sales and tons of interest in our product.

As fall begins, we want to share with That Rub enthusiasts that our product is NOT just for grilling or smoking. It can be used with any cooking style, including baking, sauteing, soups, chilis, and even using the Instapot or air fryer! It's tasty not only on meat but on potatoes and veggies too. Over the next month, our goal is to introduce recipes more regularly that you can try and a couple of new blends, including a Holiday Blend for your turkey or other holiday meat for family gatherings!

Lastly, please keep That Rub in mind for holiday gift-giving. Our product is an inexpensive and unique gift item, suitable for both male and female gift giving. We introduced our Variety Pack in August, and it has been a fantastic seller. It includes an 8 oz bag of Original, along with a small shaker of Master Blend and a small shaker of That Heat. We have a special throughout November on this item, and I encourage you to take advantage of it. Everyone loves a FREE gift, right?!?

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