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Unconventional Holidays

As with most activities these days, to say our Thanksgiving was unconventional would be very accurate. We had a small family gathering which just consisted of our immediate family and my sister-in-law's family. We decided to liven up the holiday with matching pajamas for the whole family, which was a super fun twist! I've been seeing a lot more families do this lately, and since we're all at home, it just felt more comfortable being in our pjs while cooking, eating, and playing cards.

Tony spent most of the day Wednesday cooking 5 donated turkeys for those who are alone, don't cook, or had COVID-19. He used a combination of the oven, smoker and grill to accomplish finishing them off in one day! All were seasoned with our Holiday Blend, which has been a top seller during this season, and is amazing on chicken or turkey! When you open the package, it literally smells like turkey in a bag!

On Thursday morning, our family was able to make, package and deliver about 20 meals to those in need, and that started off our day on the right foot, serving others. Our prayer is that their stomachs were full, and they felt loved.

After all of the packaged meals went out, we spent some time finishing off our meal, and sat down to eat together around 2 pm. The food, fellowship and family was amazing, even though we missed many of our loved ones being at the table with us this year. We ended the day decorating our Christmas tree...a perfect end to a great day!

Although Christmas 2020 will probably look similar, I don't think we'll change much. I know for sure, we're all planning on wearing the matching pjs, delivering meals, and although we will probably make a ham instead of turkey, we all agree that not much else should change. 2020 has brought appreciation to all of us for what we already have, and I'm grateful for that in itself. We appreciate each of you and your support of our small business. Have a wonderful December!

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